About Multiversum

Multiversum is a sci-fi 4X strategy sandbox with realtime co-operative multiplayer. It combines complexity, tactical actions and detailed micro-management of various elements, which is more typical for turn based strategies, while at the same time it also offers the fast-paced action, decision-making and co-operation of players in real-time.


— the vast procedurally generated galaxy, full of mysterious anomalies, abandoned shipwrecks and worlds of long-dead civilisations. Explore hundreds of technologies and their combinations, that can unravel unique tactics.


— the borders of your realm in the galaxy peacefully, or by force, enhance the abilities of your race and reach the apex of space knowledge.


— the natural resources that Space can offer, take part in the realm politics and leadership, perform peaceful diplomacy or use espionage and sabotage to reach the upper ground.


— unseen space life-forms threatening your colonies, defeat your enemies in vast space battles, or on the surface of many worlds. Use your wits or brute force to reach your goals.


— over your opponents, be it AI or human, play alone or in a group of friends, come up with unique strategies, plan ahead and discover your own playstyle.


— the unique playthrough each time the new sandbox galaxy is generated, enjoy different experience with different players, master the game and find your path to the stars.