About Multiversum

Multiversum is a real-time space 4X strategy game inspired by the legendary titles such as Ascendancy or Master of Orion. It combines various popular aspects of these games as well as it brings a lot of new features. Technically, Multiversum is sort of a hybrid game as it combines complexity, tactical moves and detailed management of particular elements which are typical for turn based strategies while it offers the action and fast pace of real-time games as well.
That's not all. Multiversum is meant to be played as a cooperative multiplayer game where teams form empires and battle other players.

Let’s have a look on how does it work in this little example:

Let’s say there are three empires in the galaxy, each one operated by three players, each player has their primary planet. Considering the empire as a nation, each nation differs from the others more or less in plenty of aspects like overall appearance, social systems, particular bonuses, downsides and so on.

As the whole galaxy is generated automatically, the planets the players start with, can vary regarding their size, climate, mineral abundance or the possibility of life. These qualities affect the market and supplying potential either among the players within the empire or among the whole empires as well.

When players get well with securing enough commodities for their own planets, it has a positive impact both on the population’s morale which gives them nice production bonuses and the opportunity to expand to other reachable planets as well.

Once two empires meet that’s the time for some diplomacy. The players can close research or trade treaties, alliances or wars. This is also a chance for spies and sabotages. Of course, you will not miss the popular technology and commodities thefts. Talking of technologies, there are approximately eight hundreds of those, offering you a great variety of colony upgrades, buildings or ships improvements.

In times of war it comes in handy to have different types of spaceships which you can equip with whatever way you like it, with the technologies you possess, for example using the technologies you stole from your enemies. Every ship class offers different bonuses against other classes, so it's important to have this in mind when assembling your fleet, meaning that the players can construct ships carrying just few weapon types, such as bombs, missiles or defensive weapons, as well as multi-purpose cruisers suitable for any combat situation.

There are no limits even during the battles, as each spaceship offers various scope how to attack, maneuver or which special systems to use, for example to paralyze or in any other way harm the enemy vessels. The paralyzed ship can then be boarded and captured by your troops. Now we’ve got to another cooperative element, all the player can take part in the battle at once, so they can command their grand fleet more effectively. More experienced leaders will leave some of their teammates in back-up, where they can take care about running the empire smoothly during the battle or sending the reinforcements from the surrounding star systems directly into the running battle.

Generally, Multiversum combines the most popular elements of strategic games – exploration, colonization, exploitation, trade, diplomacy, politics, espionage and sabotage, research and last but not least – the battles, both in space and on the surface, all this in realtime and in multiplayer.

Multiversum is running on Unity engine and at the moment, after the one year of development is in closed alpha version for Windows.